Pulp & Paper

Lavida® PP AFC 810Lavida® PP AFC 810 silicone antifoam compound, which has been designed for pulp & paper, provides excellent defoaming properties and good durability in alkaline and acidic media in a pH range of 2 to 13. This product is very effective at very low dosage levels.
Lavida® PSE 320 Lavida® PSE 320 silicone antifoam emulsion, which has been mainly designed for pulp & paper, provides excellent foam control performance (both knockdown and durability) in all foaming systems at high temperatures. This products is also very cost effective and may be easily diluted with water at any time.
Lavida® PMG 3080Lavida® PMG 3080, which is a water emulsion of aliphatic-hydroxy compound, has been designed as both defoamer and deaerator for paper & cellulose industries and can be dilutable with water to any ratio. This producst improves overall papermaking process, paper properties, retention and optimal for fiber recovery.
Lavida® PNS 3010Lavida® DNS 3010, which is a non-silicone antifoam agent, has been specially developed for pulp & paper and provides excellent defoaming properties.