Metalworking Lubricants

Lavida™ CONZ 890Lavida™ CONZ 890 concentrate silicone emulsion, which has been designed to combine outstanding foam knockdown and durability, can be used general for metalworking lubricants. It is effective in destabilizing macro and micro foam and very effective at very low concentration. This product is very cost effective and may be easily diluted with water at any time.
Lavida™ AuxFoam 725Lavida™ AuxFoam 725 is an antifoam agent for metalworking fluids and cleaners. It will not interfere with any subsquent painting or plating applications when cleaned properly.
Lavida™ TSE 730Lavida™ TSE 730 silicone antifoam emulsion, which can be used for metalworking industry, provides excellent foam control performance (both knockdown and durability) in all foaming systems at high temperatures.