Water Treatment

Lavida™ WT 630Lavida™ WT 630 silicone antifoam emulsion, which has been mainly designed for water treatment industry, provides excellent foam control performance (both knockdown and durability) in all foaming systems at high temperatures. This product is also very cost effective and may be easily diluted with water at any time.
Lavida™ WT 615Lavida™ WT 615 is a silicone antifoam emulsion, which can be used for water treatment industry, has good foam knockdown and rapid bubble break. It is effective in destabilizing macro and micro foam and very effective at very low concentration.
Lavida™ WT 6010 FGLavida™ WT 6010 FG is vegetable oil based antifoam agent which can be used for foam control in water treatment industry where silicone is not desired or tolerable. All ingredients comply with the F.D.A code of Federal regulations.
Lavida™ N-GPA Lavida™ N-GPA which is a hydrocarbon & oil based antifoaming agent, has been specially developed for all industries. It is effective in the presence of many surfactants, readily dispersible and has very good long term persistency.