Textile & Leather

Lavida™ TSE 720 Lavida™ TSE 720 silicone antifoam emulsion is a medium viscosity, which offers excellent foam control as well as excellent compatibility in a variety of surfactant concentrates and foaming systems, has been mainly designed for textile applications such as: sizing, scouring, printing and finishing. This product provides excellent foam control performance durability and highly stable under different conditions (high temperature, high shear and wide range of pH). It is effective in destabilizing macro and micro foam and very effective at very low dosage levels.
Lavida™ N-GPALavida™ N-GPA which is a hydrocarbon & oil based antifoaming agent, has been specially developed for textile & leather. Since it is self-dispersible, it can be safely used as a defoamer in jet applications where there is a risk of having stain.