Paint & Coatings

Lavida™ PSE 620 WCLavida™ PSE 620 WC, which is has been mainly designed for paint & coatings applications, offers excellent foam control as well as excellent compatibility in a variety of surfactant concentrates and foaming systems. It is effective in destabilizing macro and micro foam and very effective at very low dosage levels.
Lavida™ N-GPALavida™ N-GPA which is a hydrocarbon & oil based antifoaming agent, has been specially developed for paint & coatings, and designed especially for use in water-based paint systems. It is effective in the presence of many surfactants, readily dispersible and has very good long term persistency.
Lavida™ PNS 2080 SCLavida™ PNS 2080 SC, which is specially designed for solvent based paints, can be recommended for UV coatings as well as for conventional paints and It is very effective in destabilizing both macro and micro foam.